The altered immune response in type 2 diabetes individuals makes them more susceptible to various infections, including invasive pneumococcal infections. The mechanisms behind the impairment of different immune cells functions in hyperglycemic conditions are still far from being understood. Also, much is not known about the development of the protective immune response to pneumococcal vaccines in these individuals. Up til now, the most common scientific and clinical practice to investigate the perturbation in the immune system has been to evaluate its individual components. This approach is not very much useful to expose the interlinked pathways that control immune system responses to any stimuli (infection, immunization). Dr. Shaper's lab is employing systems biology/systems immunology approaches to advance the understanding about how various functional molecular circuits interact in the immune system to deal with any of external or internal perturbation. This systems biology approach will be useful in understanding intrinsic (cell specificity) and extrinsic factors (microenvironments) that shape the immune response. This will not only help in the development of new pneumococcal vaccines but also in optimizing the existing ones.




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Shaper Mirza, PhD
9-318, Lab: 9-308, 
Microbiology and Immunology,
Department of Biology, SBASSE, 
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), 
DHA Phase 5, Lahore, 54792, Pakistan.